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  • '59 Tweed Deluxe 5e3 Handwired Amp Clone

    Mercury Magnetics Output and Power Transformers F&T & Mallory Capacitors Carbon Comp Resistors 12" Weber Blue Dog 8 ohm Alnico Speaker Tubes:EH5Y3GT/2 JJ6V6S/JJ12ax7/EH12ay7

Handwired Vintage Circuits in Custom Cabinets

'59 Tweed Deluxe 5e3 Handwired Custom Sparkle Clone

A few months ago a friend had me bring his '59 Fender Tweed Deluxe back to life -what a killer amp! While it was in the shop, I built this side-by-side clone because I love the 5e3. This is not a Mojo clone (even though those are fine!). This is the perfect combination of classic Fender with custom styling. The red sparkle with white sparkle racing stripes and white piping are the icing on the cake!! Again, this is a hand-built one of a kind 5e3! This amp cooks. Great dynamic range. Tons of usable tones. The Weber Blue Dog is the perfect match for this amp. Breaks up gloriously when dimed but can be dialed back for smooth and articulate playing. Dig in and blow them away! Love it! Great for blues/jazz/funk/country AND is the quintessential rock amp. Leave your pedals at home! Or bring them and take us all to the next level.

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MP3 Player Amp - $30

An amazingly clear and loud MP3 amp! This thing is cool! It includes a patch cable, ON/OFF toggle, and more general coolness than you can handle. It fits in your pocket for easy travel and is much louder and better sounding than you would expect. Come on and break free from your headphones! -You know you want to! Not only can you enjoy it while you work or play, you will turn some heads! (Feel free to turn them here once you friends ask you where you got that sweet thing!)

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AMPOID Electric Guitar Amp - $30

Get amazing volume and tone from this little tin! Adjustable gain: simply adjust guitar volume to taste. Low volume = Low gain. High volume = High gain (not exactly rocket science). Built-in on/off switch: just plug it in and you are ready to go. Be sure to unplug your amp when not in use to extend battery life. Powered by one replaceable 9v Battery: should you need a new battery, carefully pry out the speaker baffle to access the battery. Be careful and you should have no problem!

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