The Woodshed

There are some great players out there rocking with Deluxe Amplification!  Recently we have had a few swing by the shop with their bandmates in tow to log some practice time before the spring festival season begins.  Back in the day this was called “woodshedding”.  What better place is there to practice and hone your sound than a 1200sq/ft hand-hewn log cabin built in the 1860s?  Answer: none.  Glad we could make the showroom/studio work out for you guys!


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New Shop Holiday Schedule


SHOP NEWS: The holiday schedule has begun! During the lead up to Christmas and the new year our focus will shift to exclusively filling orders for our portable mint tin amplifiers. They make unique and interesting gifts and will be the perfect thing to get for that special someone – even if that someone is you! Every Ampoid is handmade so in order to keep up with holiday demand the Deluxe Amplification side of the business has to go on holiday until early 2016 – but wipe that tear out of your eye! There are some big things coming in 2016 from Deluxe Amplification!

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